Nepali Language Extension

This is a simple demo of the Nepali language extension created and distributed by

With this plugin, you can now add Nepali language feature to any website. Your users will be able to type directly in Nepali in your own website. They can comment directly in Nepali, search Nepali texts etc.

Try typing something in the following input fields. A toggle button will appear on top or bottom of the textbox/input field. Use the toggle button to switch the language from English to Nepali. After typing your text and pressing “spacebar”, the text will automatically change to Nepali. For example - “hello” automatically changes to “हेल्लो”. If you don’t want other words in the text field to change to Nepali, simply toggle the switch back to “EN”.

For detailed instructions on installing this plugin in your website, please visit: Nepali language support for your website: Tutorial